The Lauren Macaulay

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Liberal Nigerian American in love with life who enjoys sharing her art with the world. An out of the ordinary Capricorn who takes risk at every chance. A lover of music and wine who can dance like there is no tomorrow. Wishing peace and love to every living being on the planet, God Bless!



Lauren is a first generation Nigerian American, born and raised in Houston, TX. After dropping out of the University of Houston her junior year, she moved to New York where she lived for nine years. Lauren received her BA in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, from the City College of New York.


She has worked in a variety of industries throughout her career, but has found writing to be her genuine passion. After leaving Corporate as an Executive Assistant for over six years, she has been working in the non-profit sector for causes such as ending Veteran homelessness. Besides her creative writing, blogging, and copyediting skills, she also has experience writing grant proposals for nonprofits. 


Lauren prides herself on her work ethic, her ability to adapt, and being a continuous learner. When she’s out of the office, you can find her traveling or just snuggled up with a good book.